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These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that your group can do to help bring an end to obstetric fistula in this generation.  Please let us know if your group comes up with other ideas, and how your action work out at

Teach someone else
Your group of young women might consider meeting with a group of “not-so-young” women, or a co-ed group, to share what you have learned about obstetric fistula.  Consider working on an advocacy project together.

Show a Film
The documentary “A Walk to Beautiful” is now available for individual and institutional use.

Gather a Giving Circle

  • Coming together with friends and pooling our resources—there aren’t many better ways to give.  Giving Circles are growing in popularity as more and more people look for ways to reach out during tough economic times (as in this report from NPR’s All Things Considered).  Here are some great resources to help you get your giving circle started:
  • The Fistula Foundation calls their giving circle program “Circle of Friends.”   Be sure to check out the other giving ideas on their website.
  • One by One provides outlines and resources for your giving circle.
  • Inspired Legacies has built an entire curriculum around youth giving circles.  Check out the curriculum, available online, for ideas, or consider teaching the course in your church or community.

Assemble Healthy Birth Kits
The United Methodist Committee on Relief provides instructions on how to assemble kits here.  Be sure to check with the organization you plan to donate to in advance to make sure all of their specifications for the kits are met. Read about a Healthy Birth Kit Assembly Day at Advent Lutheran Church in Manhattan here.

Start a Social Networking Campaign
Use young women’s prowess with social media to our advantage!  Your group could create a cause and promote it among facebook friends, make a short video and hope it goes viral, or work to raise general awareness through blogging, facebook, and twitter.  Dream big about where these tools could take you!

Be a Creative Fundraiser
The UNFPA’s Campaign to End Fistula has some fun and unique ideas for fundraisers.

Host a Book Group
Christine Hamlin’s story is one of faith and action, recounted in her book, “The Hospital by the River.”  Starting a book group in your wider community with this book would be a way to open the discussion on faith and action to a broader audience.

Participate in Operation Healing Hope
This project, from the United Methodist Church, would be an excellent bridge between groups of younger women and older women.  Work on making a baby quilt together that can be showcased in your church or community center with pockets for brochures explaining fistula.  Completed quilts will be sent to UMC mission nurseries.

**New from the United Methodist Church: Explore Millennium Development Goal 5–Reducing Maternal Death and improving Maternal Health!  Check out “The MDG 5 Conversationhere!

Plan a special service or moment for mission
If your group is part of a community that worships regularly, you might want to share what you have been learning in a worship service.  Talk to your worship leaders to consider doing a special service around obstetric fistula, or recruit one of your group members to give a “moment for mission.”  Perhaps a special offering for obstetric fistula can be taken.

Bulletin Insert


Participate in the Rachel Sabbath
The Religious Institute is organizing a grassroots campaign to educate congregations about maternal health.  This initiative is a call to faith communities to honor Rachel and her children by committing to saving women’s lives around the world.  To learn more about how your congregation can get involved, visit the Rachel Sabbath Initiative page. The Religious Institute has created resources to assist congregations in raising awareness, including a bulletin insert, responsive reading, suggested passages and hymns, fact sheets and bibliographies.

We suggest donating whatever funds you may raise through the UNFPA’s Campaign to End Fistula.

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